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The 1734 Witch 'Laws'

Do not what you desire -
do what is necessary.
Take all you are given -
give all of yourself.
"What I have - - - I hold!"
When all else is lost, and not until then,
prepare to die with dignity.

WHAT IS 1734
The 1734 Tradition is based on the teachings, writings (published and personal), and the inspiration of Robert Cochrane. 1734 is not an anagram, however, it IS a riddle. It does not give the true name of the Goddess as there are many names of the Goddess...all True. Within the 1734 tradition there are a number of riddles. When all are answered, and not until then, a dilligent student will understand this tradition.

There are many paths to the Gods and Goddesses. 1734 is one distinct path and not for everyone. There are many things about 1734 that are different: The placement of the elements; The firm dedication that the Clan is one's spiritual family; the necessary shamanic essence; and Not believing in the Goddess, but knowing her as an every day part of your life .

1734 is a Non-profit Religious Corporation under the laws of the state of California, USA. 1734 is exempt from Federal and State income under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Wicca, as most other religions, recognizes the existence of a 'First Cause', GOD or that from which all comes. Wiccans feel that this First Cause is so large and all encompassing that it is difficult for mankind to communicate with it. We can of communicate with that 'First Cause' through what is commonly known as the 'Gods and Goddesses.' These Goddesses and Gods manifest to us through their works, such as the cycle of the seasons, the miracle of birth, the joy of the first iris of Spring and the message of joy and hope from the rainbow, and through their Presence.

Priests and Priestesses of our religion can be seen dancing in Neolithic cave paintings and our sacred objects rest in every major museum of the world. Wicca is a Living religion, as it has been since the first primitive hunting tribes sought to establish and affirm their relationship with the cycles of their Mother the Earth, Her fertility, and that of the animals they depended on for life and sustenance. We are a religion of life and vitality, and we hold all life in respect and reverence. We do not own the Earth; we live on it by the love and grace of Our Mother. We do not own the plants, animals or stones; they are, as we are, the children of the Great Mother. They are our brothers and sisters on whom we are all dependent for life, shelter, and sustenance; and they deserve our love and respect in return. Above all else, we choose to live in harmony and balance.

We do not claim an actual dogmatic descent as far back as Neolithic times. Wiccans retain the spirit of the ancient ways of reverence, in a way similar though not related to some Native American traditions and ideals. Although many Wiccans do not claim dogmatic descent of the original, native European traditions; many anthropologists, among them the noted Margaret Murray, consider us a survival of that same original European religion, albeit up-rooted and driven underground by the spread of an intolerant, monotheistic creed.

Airts or Arts - The art of causing change through systematic use of the will and other natural forces. Some common goals in magic are healing, guidance, protection, and insight.
Cuveen or Coven - group of Wiccans with common religious goals and purposes, which meets regularly for the purpose of holding Esbats, Sabots, teaching, or for any other activity having a direct connection with Wicca.
Coven Council - a council selected by the High Priest and/or High Priestess of a Coven. It is convened due to a complaint made by them or a member of the Coven against them or a member of the Coven.
Cowan - A person that is not a Wiccan.
Esbat - Meetings held once or twice each Lunar month. Most Covens hold Esbat at the Full Moon (or the three days proceeding). Many hold Esbat at the New Moon or the Dark of the Moon (or the three days preceding or following).
Sabbat - Meetings held at the eight major seasonal holidays: the Equinoxes and the Solstice called the Quarter Days, and at the time of each season called Cross-Quarter Days; the Cross-Quarter Days fall at or about February 2, May 1, August 2, and October 31. There is also the festival known as
Twelfth Night - which occurs twelve (12) days after the Winter Solstice (Yule).
Tradition - A group of Covens having a common lineage and/or common form of practice.
Wicca, Witchcraft or The Craft - A religion including diverse Traditions related to many European and Mediterranean cultural sources. This religion worships feminine and masculine deities, and pays homage to The Mighty Dead. This corporation specifically excludes the Native American Religions, Native American Shaman and Native African religions from the definition of these words.
Wiccan - A person that has been properly Dedicated, Initiated or Ordained into the Religion of Wicca by a member of the Clergy who has the authority to perform that Dedication, Initiation or Ordination.
Witch - A person who worships and respects the Goddess(es) and God(s) of Witchcraft.

Letters of Robert Cochrane.

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1734 Wiccan Book List

The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles : Their Nature and Legacy

The Lost Language of Symbolism : An Inquiry into the Origin of Certain Letters, Words, Names, Fairy-Tales, Folklore, and Mythologies By: Bayley,Harold

The Practice of Witchcraft Today : An Introduction to Beliefs and Rituals By: Robin Skelton

The practice of witchcraft today : an introduction to beliefs and rituals of the old religion By: by Robin Skelton

The Golden Bough By: Frazier, James George

Witchcraft The Sixth Sense By: Glass, Justine

Robert Graves Reads White Goddess and Other Selected Poems By: Graves, Robert

The White Goddess; A Historical Grammer of Poetic Myth By: Graves, Robert

Western Inner Workings By: Gray, William G.

Light from the Shadows: A Mythos of Modern Traditional Witchcraft By: Gwyn Light

Call Of The Horned Piper By: Jackson, Aldcroft

English Fairy Tales By: Jacobs, Joseph

Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance By: Jones, John with Chas Clifton

Covencraft- Witchcraft For Three Or More By: K Amber

Covencraft- Witchcraft For Three Or More By: K, Amber

Aradia, Gospel of the Witches By: Leland, Charles Godfrey

Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling By: Leland, Charles Godfrey

Women Of The Celts By: Markale, Jean

God of the Witches By: Murray, Margaret

Ractical Magic In The Northern Tradition By: Pennick, Nigel

The Triumph Of The Moon-A History Of Modern Pagan Witchcraft By: Ronald Hutton

Celtic Mysteries: The Ancient Religion By: Sharkey, John

The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain By: Spence, Lewis

Rebirth of Witchcraft, The By: Valiente, Doreen

Witchcraft : A Tradition Renewed By: Valiente, Doreen and Evan John Jones

Other 1734 Webpages

We regret the passing of Joseph B. Wilson on August 4, 2004. The following is, a copy of Joseph B. Wilson 1734 PDF File.

The Ancient Keltic Church

Things to Remember

When viewing articles in this form or published material in general it is wise to remember a few points:
  1. The ability to write about a subject does not mean that the writer had one drop of good sense.
  2. The Craft of the Wise is a mystery religion. One of the mysteries is which of the many things written do we actually accept.
  3. Aleister Crowley said "It is the duty of the master to teach. It is not the duty of the Master to make it easy".
  4. Also, "If one lacks the wisdom build a dynamo, then they can hardly electrocute themselves."

Remember: Keep your sense of humor firmly in hand and enjoy your stay.

May you walk in the Light of the Lady, and
Speak with the Wisdom of the Lord.

Blessed Be,
Webmaster and staff

"Life makes more sense if you have a willing suspension of disbelief."

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